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How to copy Face Styles from one part file to another?

November 2nd, 2010 by John Pearson

Face Styles can be copied from another Solid Edge file or the Material Table.

 To do this, follow these steps:

 1- Open the part file you want to copy Face Styles to.

 2- Go to View tab->Style group-> Styles.

 3- On the dialog box, click the Style Type pull down and select Faces Styles.

 4- Click the Organizer button.


 5- The default source, listed on the left, is the Material Table (material.mtl), you can copy the styles in it or you can open a different Solid Edge file by using the Browse button.


 6- Once you have the source file you want, select all the styles you want to copy on the left side and then click the COPY>> button to copy to the open file, which is listed on the right side.

 7- You can copy either way as you can see by the two Copy buttons. You can also Delete or Rename your face styles.

 8- Once you are done, Click Close and Apply. You are done.

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