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Solid Edge University 2012 spotlights ST5

June 14th, 2012 by John Pearson

Nashville, Tennessee, was the site of this year’s Solid Edge University convention. User’s got their first real look at ST5, which will be released next month. Dan Staples, Director of Solid Edge Product Development, introduced ST5 to a large and enthusiastic crowd. Now that the synchronous paradigm has been implemented, the focus seems to be on implementing as many user requests as possible.


The new functionality in ST5 benefits all users, whether they work in the ordered or synchronous paradigms. To see what’s new in ST5 visit the Solid Edge ST5 web page.

 After Dan’s presentation, users had a selection of breakout sessions that they could attend. These sessions included closer looks at what was new in ST5, sessions on how customers use Solid Edge, knowledge enhancements sessions, and round table sessions. The round table sessions allowed users to tell the planners and developers what improvements they liked and what else they’d like to see added to the software.

Our own John Pearson presented a session on the Draft environment and improving the speed of drawing creation in Solid Edge. John was amazed at how many users attended his session and extremely pleased at the number of users that approached him afterwards to thank him, and mention how much they had learned.


For those of you who were unable to attend John’s presentation, you can click here to download the PowerPoint and accompanying help documentation.

 John and Manny Marquez, from our Chicago office, were able to meet with many of our customers at the conference. The overall feeling around ST5 was very positive and users seemed genuinely excited about this release. We’d like to thank those users who attended the conference and we hope to see many more of our users at next year’s event.

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